Kids on the moon

No gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon.
Best for night walks on roofs, playing in stardust, and formal meetings with UFO. 

Brand’s philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetical education begins at a very early age therefore it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects.

Kids on the moon cooperates with artists from different countries to promote talent and show that passion goes a long way.

Kids on the moon is in constant movement. The brand likes to play with different conventions.
Every season takes us to different areas of creativity.



New collection takes us on an inspiring trip to the heart of Tatra Mountains. It draws inspiration from the XIX century Zakopane Style. The collection is highly inspired by Polish folklore and cultural heritage yet having contemporary feel.

Playing with ornaments of a special ethnic meaning - like rosettes, hearts, stars and even traditional cheese forms – we adopted original elements of decorative folk art to the kids world, using traditional techniques like linocut, embroidery or serigraphy. The details of the garments  embody the spirit of the collection. One can find ethnic symbols transformed into flying objects or mysterious signs applied in unexpected places. Funny pompons bring a hint of humour and playfulness, embracing creativity and encouraging kids to express their ideas. Cold colours with frosting embroidery bring a touch of chilly mountain winter to the soft and warm collection. 

The Tatrica collection has been created with the assistance of a very talented and unique Polish printmaker and illustrator, Zuza Miśko, whose work is based on traditional methods of printmaking.  Inspired by nature, she transfers spiritual concepts into truly beautiful prints, which perfectly compliment the collections’ contemporary folklore theme.