Kids on the moon

No gravity brand for kids, created under the full moon.
Best for night walks on roofs, playing in stardust, and formal meetings with UFO. 

Brand’s philosophy is rooted in a belief that aesthetical education begins at a very early age therefore it is important to surround kids with beautiful objects.

Kids on the moon cooperates with artists from different countries to promote talent and show that passion goes a long way.

Kids on the moon is in constant movement. The brand likes to play with different conventions.
Every season takes us to different areas of creativity.


The collection is inspired by the moon which casts light on the land of night dreams. It awakens you and invites to join his dance. It lifts you up and takes on a journey into the moonlight night. The faint glow makes shapes seem unreal and changes the intensity of colours. Undertones fade and wash away. When the dance is over, the remains of the moonlight night
are captured in faded soft fabrics, luminous denim and delicate washed jersey. Enlarged ruffles on sleeves recall wings of night butterflies. Interesting textures match loose cuts and silhouettes.
Fabrics used in Dancing in the moonlight collection include high quality soft denim, jersey and hand dyed crepe.